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What is WAY TO HELP?

Civil association – Way to help is not-for-profit organization connecting people who provide universal help and support /mainly financial/ to disabled people with neurological and motoric disorders of motion apparatus. This association helps to members of families where these people live and tries to improve their standard of living. One of its tasks is looking for these people and inform them about civil association – Way to help, about all activities of it. Another its task is providing all-round help by edifying activity and consulting service in all stages of life, communication with organizations and state authorities whose activities are connected with life of these people and influence it. This association looks for medical treatments and realizing of above all disabled people, it tries to achieve changes and implement measures that improve their and their families living and social situation. Then it supports activities that help to attain financial means that will be used for rehabilitation of these disabled people in occupational therapy departments or for other convenience and improvement of their living and social situation.

The activities of this association are focused on help for physically handicapped children with inborn and acquired disorders. This –Way to Help- association wants to help above all with: childhood cerebral palsy, accident diseases of brain and spinal chord, peripheral childhood palsy, amputations, myopathy, curvature of the spine – rachiocampsis, inborn disorders of growth. Sanitary means for all these above mentioned diseases require big financial means of these families and it´s sometimes very difficult for them. And it´s just focus of our activities – financial help of sanitary means for children from less solvent families.

Property of this Association is made from: deposits of promoters, gains of activities, means of business activities after taxation, donations and subsidies. Way to Help association can run a business and use benefit after taxation only when it brings better property utilization-capitalizing but value, range and availibility of services for what it was made mustn´t be threatened

This Association can use property in agreement with conditions written in association charter or statute and for covering costs or charges that are necessary for doing activities.

The budget of this Association includes all receipts and expenditures and it is accepted for propriate year. In final accounts all gains are given separately.